Can I reserve a charger?

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Please note: Reservations are currently exclusive to JOLT Plus Members. To learn more click here 


Reservations allow you to secure an available charger in advance, ensuring it won't be occupied by the time you arrive. While we encourage users to reserve chargers responsibly, please note that we cannot control the behaviour of other drivers. Charging etiquette is essential to ensuring fair access for all. 


How do I reserve a charger?

mceclip0.png Tap on an available charging location pin in the app.

mceclip1.png Select the plug compatible with your vehicle.

3.png Tap the 'Reserve' button located to the left of the 'Start' button at the bottom of the screen.

4.pngFollow the prompts to complete the reservation.


Your reservation will be active for the specified time, with limits on daily reservations and a wait time between consecutive reservations, as outlined in the app. 


Users of this feature may encounter restrictions for various reasons, such as the charger being occupied, preparing a charge, or out of service.




Charging Etiquette 


JOLT is committed to fostering good charging etiquette among its users. While we encourage responsible behaviour, please be aware that we cannot control the actions of individual users. If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.


If you are experiencing any issues please email

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