Charging Etiquette

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JOLT is committed to fostering good charging etiquette among its users. While we encourage responsible behaviour, please be aware that we cannot control the actions of individual users.  While users should always be polite and considerate to other users, you can always ensure you’re acting to the highest standards by following these simple steps:


Move your car immediately after charging

JOLT parking bays do not serve as long term or overnight parking for electric vehicles. Once you have finished charging, please move your car immediately. JOLT issues idle fees for users that have finished their charge or reached 100% and remained plugged in for longer than 10 minutes. 


Parking bays are for Charging EVs only

JOLT EV parking bays are to be used by EV customers that are actively charging. If you have an EV and are not actively charging or do not abide by Council parking regulations, including, but not limited to, parking non-EV cars in the parking bay, parking the wrong direction within the parking bay, or parking without charging, you may be subject to citation fees at the local authority’s discretion. 


Monitor charging with your phone

Make sure to watch your JOLT app to monitor your state of charge. We recommend turning on your push notification so you can get alerts on the status of your charge. Some users choose to use Plugshare to communicate, but is it optional


Be considerate to others and the charging stations

When you're done charging, ensure cables are safely out of the way and the plugs are returned to their holders. Please report any damage to JOLT.

Be considerate and respectful to other drivers using the charging station. If you notice someone violating charging etiquette, consider politely educating them about proper EV charging behaviour. Many people may be new to EVs and may not be aware of the etiquette.


Queuing at occupied stations

Occasionally there can be high demand for charging stations and it is necessary to form a queue. Please be mindful of other drivers who may have arrived at the station ahead of you and have been queuing for the station.


Reserved chargers

JOLT Plus Members have access to an exclusive mobile app feature to reserve an available charger before arrival. If you notice a charger is Reserved, please respect the reservation and do not park in front of the charger. 



At JOLT, We take safety seriously and are committed to providing secure charging environments. Should you ever feel unsafe, trust your instincts and please don't hesitate to contact emergency services at 000. However, we also strongly encourage users to remain vigilant and exercise caution, particularly when charging after dark. Your safety is paramount to us.

Please see tips to safe charging here.




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