How much does it cost to charge?

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JOLT offers 7 kWh free daily for all customers! Your energy allowance resets at midnight.


After you’ve consumed 7 kWh for the calendar day, you will be charged the per kWh rate. You can find the per kWh rate in your app, just click on a map pin to see the rate for the charger you want to use.


Please be aware that there is a minimum fee of $0.50 for any paid charging session. 

To clarify, in NZ there is a minimum fee of $0.50NZD and in Australia there is a minimum fee of $0.50AUD


Whether you are in Australia or New Zealand we have membership option(s) with their own benefits and charging rates. You can find these in the app by navigating to Account > Membership (under your name at the top of the screen) > Upgrade/Explore Memberships

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